Bloke Eats Different Crisp Sandwich Every Day To Work Out Best Combo

A bloke is eating a different crisp sandwich every day in an attempt to work out what the best combination is. 

Nothing is off-limits to Ben Taylorson, from Middlesborough, who has tried everything from Monster Munch and gravy to McCoy’s Salt and Vinegar and anchovies.

He’s documenting the whole thing on his Twitter account and has even given it a hashtag.

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Credit: Twitter/@bentaylorson.

Opening up to Metro about how he came up with the idea, he said: One night at the beginning of February I was feeling a bit low, made myself a crisp sandwich to cheer myself up.

“Put it on Twitter.

“More or less immediately my mate Steve got in touch to say ‘that’s not a crisp sandwich!’ because I’d used Wotsits, which are a ‘maize snack’ – not potato crisps (this, as I’ve found out, is a subject a fair few people are surprisingly passionate about).

“So the next day I made a different crisp sandwich to wind him up, and then it was suggested I make one every day all month.

“So I gave it a hashtag (on the back of Dry January I went for #CrispFebruary).”

First up, Ben tried a filling of Royster’s T-bone steak flavour crisps along with two cheese slices, pickled gherkin and American mustard. (He dubbed the creation a sandwich masterpiece).

He then created a Mexican-themed butty, which consisted of Doritos, cheese, jalapeños, and sour cream, and made a breakfast sarnie using free-range eggs and Razzlers.

Credit: Twitter/@bentaylorson

At the moment, Ben’s favourite has been his beef Monster Munch sandwich which he topped with horseradish sauce and gravy, although not everybody liked the sound of it.

He said: “Half were horrified, half seemed to quite fancy it.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@bentaylorson

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