Bigfoot Expert Claims Latest Sighting ‘Could Be Real’

A Bigfoot expert has claimed that the latest sighting 'could be real'.
Credit: @cryptiduniversity/Instagram

A Bigfoot expert has claimed that the latest sighting ‘could be real’.

Crpytid’s University, whose bio claims they ‘tell stories’ of the legendary sasquatch, has shared footage of an ape-like figure squatting in a US forest.

On Instagram, they’ve captioned the video: “Georgia sasquatch 2021.”

Check out a potential Bigfoot sighting in the clip below…

In a chat with the Daily Star, expert Seth Breedslove has claimed the clip could be authentic.

The documentary maker told the publication: “The subject seems to be very large but the movement possibly gives away the potential for some trickery.”

However, he continued: “The subject seems to be looking down at the ground as it turns indicating it might be a person in a suit who is having some difficulty judging the forest floor beneath them.

“It makes me think this is more than likely a hoax. The thing does appear to be large though, so maybe it’s real?

“These videos always leave us with more questions than answers.”

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Viewers were also divided in their opinion of whether the sighting was legit or not. 

One commented: “Best footage I’ve seen in a while I understand the shakiness I would’ve been pooing in my pants. Wow, that thing was huge.”

Another added: “Doesn’t look like a bear, that’s for sure.”

However, others had their doubts, with one writing: “The guy’s looking at the ground like to know where to step.

“Again, disappointment. Also, why moving so much? This isn’t normal shaking, this is just swaying the camera on purpose.

“Have any of you shaked before, it’s not how this works yall. It’s clearly a hoax.”

Someone else added: “They do all sorts of things for attention down in Georgia.”

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