Bill Gates Says It’s ‘Mind-Blowing’ That People Don’t Believe In Vaccines

Bill Gates Vaccines: The Microsoft co-founder has said that it's 'mind-blowing' that people don't have faith in vaccines. 
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Bill Gates says that it’s ‘mind-blowing’ that people don’t have faith in vaccines. 

The Microsoft co-founder sat down with The Guardian and brought up anti-vaxxers when promoting his new book, ‘How to Prevent the Next Pandemic’.

He told the publication: “V​​accines are a miracle. And it’s mind-blowing that somebody can say the opposite.

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“I’ve spent tens of billions on vaccines, I don’t make any money on vaccines. I have no idea why anybody would think that. I made my money on software.”

Gates went on to say that he would continue investing in pandemic research, in order to avoid an outbreak like Covid-19.

He added: “I hope that, at least for a few generations, we’d be quite vigilant and willing to invest the billions that I suggest to save the lives and save the trillions this one cost us.”

The 66-year-old also told the publication that his book would look into ‘what went wrong’ with the pandemic.

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He explained: “You need some background of what went right and what went wrong. Why did some countries have 10 times more deaths than others?

“There are all these claims about vaccines – are they the only tool that you need? Where did they fall short?

“And what about that first 100 days where you’re not going to have a vaccine: can you really stop transmission?”

In August 2020, the billionaire and his former wife, Melinda, reportedly made a donation of $150million to vaccine distribution from their foundations. This funded the distribution of jabs – mostly to third-world countries.

It’s believed the sum was donated to the Serum Institute, which is known as the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines.

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