Billie Eilish Facing Backlash For ‘Mocking Asian Accents’ In Resurfaced Videos

Credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish, whose new boyfriend is 10 years older than her, is facing a backlash for ‘mocking Asian accents’ in resurfaced videos. 

A compilation of clips has been shared by TikTok user @lcxv showing ‘The Bad Singer’ allegedly using the word ‘c***k’ to describe people of Asian descent.

However, it’s unclear when the footage was captured.

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Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish is facing a backlash for ‘mocking Asian accents’ in resurfaced videos.  Credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Many of the 19-year-old’s fans have been left horrified by the videos, and are calling for Eilish to be ‘cancelled’ for the offensive behaviour. 

One TikTok user wrote: “I just want her to address it, is all. I’m waiting until she explains herself before I decide whether or not to support her anymore.”

Another said: “No, because I love her so much and I am attached to her but now I’m very disappointed.”

“All the people defending her make me so mad,” a third fumed. 

However, some fans of the singer have argued that she may have said the terms and phrases because she has Tourette’s. 

One fan commented: “She has Tourette’s, we don’t know if the last one is a tic.”

@lcxvyReply to @.lisqvz ##billieeilish ##billieeilishcancelled lol♬ original sound – lena :]

In 2018, Eilish revealed that she has the disorder but said that she exhibits physical and not verbal tics.

Eilish has been getting a hard time from her fans recently as they are angry about her dating actor Matthew Vorce.

He has been accused of sharing ‘homophobic and racist’ tweets in the past.

He’s also been accused of using the N-word, referring to women as ‘s****’, using homophobic slurs, and mocking Asian people for wearing face masks.

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