Billie Eilish Slams Texas Abortion Law During Performance In State

Billie Eilish
Credit: Alamy

Billie Eilish slammed Texas’ newly passed abortion law when performing in the state on October 2. 

The singer condemned the SB 8 law for restricting women’s rights when she headlined the Austin City Limits Festival.

She said: “When they made that s*** a law, I almost didn’t want to do the show, because I wanted to punish this f***ing place for allowing that to happen here.

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Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish criticised the Texas abortion bill during a concert in the state. Credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

“But then I remembered that it’s you guys that are the f***ing victims, and you deserve everything in the world. And we need to tell them to shut the f*** up.”

Eilish then screamed: “My body, my f***ing choice!” 

As she was speaking, the on-stage screen read: “BANS OFF OUR BODIES.”

At the start of September, Texas introduced the Heartbeat Act, which means if any cardiac activity is detected at the six-week mark of pregnancy, women could be banned from having abortions – even if they were previously unaware they were pregnant.

Since the bill has been introduced, hundreds have gathered in protest across the US. Biden’s administration has also urged the Texas district judge, Robert Pitman, to have it blocked.

The law has been criticised for not only restricting women’s rights but also for suing anyone involved in the abortion process.

The bold political statement comes as the 19-year-old has been announced as the headliner for Glastonbury Festival 2022. 

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