Bitcoin Trader Who ‘Hid $100m In Crypto Vanishes After Backlash From MPs’

A Bitcoin trader, who reportedly 'hid $100million in Crypto,' is believed to have 'vanished into thin air after facing a backlash from MPs'.
Credit: @thegamerfrommars via YouTube
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A Bitcoin trader, who reportedly ‘hid $100million in Crypto,’ is believed to have ‘vanished into thin air after facing a backlash from MPs’.

Daniel Fraga, who was an IT technician, allegedly used a YouTube channel to air anti-state comments about Brazil in which he supposedly criticised its leaders. 

In a video uploaded in April 2010, Fraga accused the then-mayor of São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab, of ‘littering the streets with trash’. 

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mystery fugitive bitcoin trader
The fugitive’s story remains a mystery since he vanished after making comments about politicians in 2017. Credit: @thegamerfrommars via YouTube

Two years later, he blasted another mayoral candidate in a nearby city.

In Brazil, criticising politicians can be viewed as ‘libel’ or ‘slander’ as opposed to free speech.

According to The Sun, Fraga was sued for defamation by a judge in the country. It’s believed that for each day this particular video remained online, he was fined $1,300 after being given a gagging order.

The publication also claims that the Bitcoin trader repeatedly ‘refused to attend court,’ didn’t ‘acknowledge subpoenas that were served to him at home’ and wouldn’t ‘pay any damages’.

Following the scandal, it’s believed the court attempted to go after his savings and recover damages. In an attempt to stop this, he then allegedly moved over all his money to Bitcoin.

Apparently, his bank account then had only $5 remaining.

It’s been estimated that Fraga is ‘now worth $100million,’ however, an exact figure isn’t known.

Reportedly, the fugitive hasn’t been since 2017. When police allegedly turned up at his home, they found that it was empty. His family and friends were also none the wiser on his whereabouts.

It’s believed that in 2019, Fraga’s passport was ‘cancelled’ by Brazilian authorities. Prior to this, he would have a couple of years to set up a life elsewhere in the world.

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