‘Black Alien’ Shocks Followers With ‘Before’ Photo

Credit: @the_black_alien_project/Instagram

‘Black Alien’ has shocked his followers by sharing a ‘before’ photo. 

The Frenchman, whose birth name is Anthony Loffredo, often shares throwbacks on his Instagram account which show him looking like a completely different person.

He captioned his most recent one: “For each one a mouth, two eyes, two hands and two legs. Nothing looks more like a man than another man.

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“Where is the difference… the mysterious difference.”

Many people have since taken to the comments and questioned the 33-year-old on why he’s undergone such dramatic modifications.

One person wrote: “I see your past and I only have one question, what was the key piece for you to decide to start your evolution? It’s not hate.”

A second penned: “I see all your photos and I still do not understand that it led you to become what you are, I know that the physique you have is not worth anything different from what you think and feel, but I really find it difficult to believe that you love that… 

“I am not who to judge you is your body is your life, but it is sad that you waste your life if you love it as God created you.”

Why did you change your body it was beautiful?” a third asked. “You are a BG, you are still one but I respect your choice. I adored meeting you in real life. I will respect you for life.”

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‘Black Alien’ has shocked his followers by sharing a ‘before’ photo. Credit: @the_black_alien_project/Instagram

Although ‘Black Alien’ hasn’t directly answered these questions, he’s previously explained that his new look has granted him ‘inner peace’.

Back in 2017, he reportedly told the French paper Midi Libre: “I had a click when I was a security guard. I realized that I was not living my life the way I wanted.

“I stopped everything at 24 and left for Australia.”

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