Black Chef Claims Customers Only Talk And Make Eye Contact With White Assistant

Credit: @chefmoise_/TikTok

A black chef has claimed that on a recent job, the customers would only talk and make eye contact with her white assistant. 

Thara Moïse, who caters for private parties, took to TikTok and said that she felt that at a recent event, there was ‘microaggressive’ behaviour being acted out.

In the clip, which has been viewed a whopping 2.3million times, she stated: “Tell me why my guests barely acknowledged me today.

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The black chef has claimed that on a recent job, the customers treated her differently to her assistant. Credit: @chefmoise_/TikTok

“Every time I tried to ask them questions or get them ready for their next course or just engage with them, they literally wouldn’t talk to me.”

Although the chef didn’t explicitly say that her helper was white, she referred to the assistant as looking ‘a bit different’ from herself. So people over in the comments presumed as much.

Moïse continued: “I was getting real microaggression vibes from this crowd.

“Even when my helper would direct them towards me, as the chef, they literally would just ignore me.

“Like why hire me?”

@chefmoise_Only making eye contact with my helper, like wtf is the problem? Y’all didn’t know I was black or………♬ original sound – Chef Moïse

After viewing the video, many took to the comments and fumed over the way the chef was being treated.

“They don’t deserve your amazing food,” one person said.

Another added: “I’m glad that you kept your professionalism. I can only imagine how they made you feel.”

A third viewer commented: “It’s funny how people are always like ‘Black Lives Matter’ until an actual black person talks about her experience with racism, then it’s ‘Yeah okay, sure’.”

But many TikTokers also took to the comments to say Moïse might have been reading into the situation.

One remarked: “Because they’re there to enjoy the group, not their chef.”

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