Bloke Left Mortified After Receiving Parcel Of Dirty Knickers From Anonymous Prankster

A bloke was left mortified when he found that he’d received a parcel from an anonymous prankster, which contained dirty knickers. However, his wife struggled to see the funny side. 

A man took to TikTok after receiving a package from an anonymous joker which contained worn women’s underwear.

The guy explained how he received a fake envelope from the postman, which he opened to see it contained nothing but a card. For some reason, someone had set out to prank him by sending him a parcel of dirty knickers.

In the TikTok post, he said: “So this morning the postman knocks at the door and says hello mate, you’ve got a letter you’ve got to sign for.

“He gives me a weird look and then hands me this. What the f**k is this?”

“Reading aloud from the envelope, he said: ‘ Genuine used panties from genuine women.

“‘Sealed for freshness delivered right to your door guaranteed pleasure.

“‘Oh look they’re worn for more than two days’.”

“To make matters worse, the wife saw, and she went f****g ape s**t thinking I’m some sort of perv.

“Whoever sent me this, you’re a c**t.”

@anthonyedwardtSorry for swearing! Guess I should see the funny side 😂🤣 ##fyp ##PerfectAsIAm

♬ original sound – Anthony Edward

Although the prank hasn’t caused anything but trouble for the bloke, people in the comments section of the post have said it’s absolutely hilarious and shared that they couldn’t help but have a laugh at his expense.

One person joked: “About time we got rid of my daughter’s boyfriend, thanks for the info.”

Another chimed in: “Best thing I have ever seen.”

A third wrote: “You’ve just given me an idea for posting my mates birthday card.”

Meanwhile, a fourth said: “Hope my ex enjoys (he lives with his parents).”

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