Bloke Made His Wife A Stylish Gin Shelf Using Old Pallets And It Was Completely Free!

A bloke made his wife a stylish gin shelf by making the most out of some old pallets of wood and amazingly, it didn’t cost them a penny to do!

I’m sure many of us have a pretty impressive collection of gin these days and unfortunately, most of us just put them in the cupboards and let them gather up dust. However, a bloke has recently designed his wife a gin shelf which shows just how much potential those fancy bottles of gin have!

As shared on popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, a chuffed woman posted her new “gin shelf” which she said her husband created for her and she revealed that it was completely free too.

To create the structure of the shelf, the wife revealed that her husband simply decided to make the most of some old and abandoned pallets and then painted them with some light grey paint he already had laying about. Then, he simply secured it to the wall.

Although it could have been finished there, the couple decided to give the shelf some accessories to finish it off. So, they used some fairy lights, added some jars of straws and a plant to create a rather rustic final look.

Finally, they topped it off with their fanciest bottles of gin on full display.

Credit: Facebook

The woman wrote: “My gin shelf my husband made out of old pallets we had. Very easy to do!”

Since being shared online, the post has managed to gather up 2,200 likes from the group and many have been inspired to do something similar with their bottles of gin too.

One wrote: “Love it and your selection of gin is impressive.”

Whilst another said: “Need one of this!”

A third commented: “Love this. If only my gin lasted long enough to need one!”

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