B&M Employee Has Been Fired After Making X-Rated Tannoy Announcement That Was Shockingly Rude

A B&M employee decided to make a very rude tannoy announcement whilst at work. Following this incident, he has been fired from his job. 

Ollie White decided to record himself whilst at work for TikTok, thinking it would be hilarious to show himself making an X-rated broadcast – yet not everyone understood it.

The young man captioned the social media post: “I actually got sacked from B&M for this, don’t let it flop.”

In the shocking prank, Ollie showed himself picking up a phone so that he could make an announcement over the tannoy. He is clearly shown to be wearing the black and orange uniform of B&M staff.

At first, it seems like any normal announcement you’d hear in a store, as Ollie starts by saying: “This is a customer announcement”.

But then he continues, saying: “Please could the owner of the white BMW number plate NE14 ABJ please come to the front of the store – you’ve left your lights on.

“That’s NE14 ABJ. Thank you.”

TikTok: @ollie__white

If you’re scratching your head about how it is rude then don’t worry, you’re not the only one. However, what caused Ollie to get into trouble was the fact that he chose letters and numbers that sound like a sexually explicit offer.

Basically, the ‘license plate’ can be translated as NE for ‘anyone’ and the number four as in ‘for’ and then the reference is of a sexual act.

However, Ollie got his wish and the clip did make it viral onto the social media platform TikTok. Overall, it racked up over 700,000 views, although many commented saying it wasn’t that clear how it was rude.

One person questioned: “Running to the comment section because I don’t understand.”

A second person admitted: “The blonde in me really came out today.”

Whilst another commented: “CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND.”

One person that did understand Ollie’s saucy message said: “Love how you were holding onto that laugh for dear life.”

Another simply wrote: “I’m creasing.”

B&M has since stated that Ollie was not fired for this specific incident, as it apparently took place when the store was closed, according to the Daily Star.

Unfortunately, the clip has been deleted for some from Ollie’s account – I’m sure he has his reasons.

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