B&M Has Launched A Pink Pornstar Martini Gin And Peach Bellini Liqueur

B&M has launched a pink pornstar martini gin and peach bellini liqueur which is exclusive to the store. 

The holy grail of discount stores has released two new alcoholic drinks that promise tantalising new flavours, which will surely send all bargain hunters running to the alcohol aisle.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for B&M’s latest gin, the Pink Pornstar Martini Gin Liqueur, and of course, the Peach Bellini Liqueur.

The discount stores promise the gin is the perfect purchase for those who can’t make up their mind on whether or not to get a “classic gin and tonic highball or a tasty pornstar martini”. Therefore making it the obvious choice when it combines both your favourites.

Available at £17.99, the gin-based liqueur supposedly tastes exactly like a passion fruit-flavoured cocktail, but better because it’s pink and shimmery.

Meanwhile, the peach bellini beverage will satisfy that need for a fruit hit with the infusion of peach flavouring.

Both of the liqueurs are created by Manchester-based brand Zymurgorium and are exclusive to B&M, meaning you won’t find them at any other retailers.

Unfortunately, the drinks are not available online, which means you’ll need to pop into your nearest B&M.

You can find out where your nearest B&M is by clicking here.

An important thing to take note of is that both drinks contain 20 per cent alcohol by volume (APV), so remember to drink responsibly!

It appears the flavoured gin market is not going to disappear anytime soon, with a variety of brands concocting new and wonderful flavours every week.

Only a few weeks ago, Aldi released a gin which tastes of candy floss and marshmallows, the perfect alcoholic drink for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Aldi’s candy floss and marshmallow flavoured gin.

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