B&M Is Selling A Vapour Rub Candle For Just 59p!

B&M is selling a vapour rub candle! It’s definitely come at the perfect time when everyone is getting the cough and sniffles. 

For many people, a go-to cold remedy is vapour rub thanks to it being a great product when you need that little bit of extra help to breathe smoothly when you’re all bunged up. But now, B&M has taken a spin on the product and released it as a scented candle!

B&M is selling the Vapour candle for the absolute bargain price of 59p in their stores, and according to the label, it’s ‘easy to breathe’ too. Meaning it could help with those cold and flu symptoms by making the air around you feel that bit more clear.

Bargain hunter, Courtney O’Reilly Jones, took to popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group to share her find: “I don’t know if I’m the only one who didn’t know this was a thing? ??‍♀️ like Vicks vapour but as a candle – 59p at B&M. Perfect for this time of year with all the coughs and colds going about. If it doesn’t help, at least my house smells nice ?”.

The post ended up gaining over 3.3K likes from group members and 1.1K comments, with some actually claiming it helped with their cold and flu symptoms.

The Vicks rub candle is also great if you happen to love the smell of vapour rub, regardless of it lacking those beneficial factors of helping battle your cold or flu. It really does make for a fab bargain buy for any lovers of scented candles!

Sadly, you won’t be able to buy the candle in stores, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled when you’re next in your local B&M.

In other news, B&M is selling fluffy waffle fleece bedding covers to keep you extra snug and cosy this winter. Along with the Vicks rub, you’ll be feeling extra homey this winter.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.