Bodybuilder Who Vowed To Marry Sex Doll Has Pushed Back Wedding

A bodybuilder who vowed to marry his sex doll has announced that the wedding will be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the special day is now being pushed back but is going to be even bigger than originally planned. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Yuri Tolochko has announced that he will be pushing back the wedding day to his sex doll, Margo.

The Kazakh bodybuilder, who is also an actor, revealed to followers that he didn’t think it was the right time to get married to his plastic girlfriend. So he will be rescheduling the wedding but making it even better than originally planned.

Fans have been left extremely disappointed by the news, as they commented on how much they’d been looking forward to seeing photos of the magical day.

However, Yuri is already disappointed enough without feeling the sadness of his followers.

He had planned to get married on March 27 as he revealed that this was a special day to him due to his passion for acting, as it marks World Theatre Day.

Fortunately, Yuri has been positive despite the setback and has expressed his excitement at making it even better than originally planned.

When the ceremony eventually takes place, the bodybuilder is hoping it takes course over a couple of days.

In Kazakhstan, the only requirement for a wedding is that both consenting parties have a male and female, who are both aged over 18.

Since December, Yuru has been planning his special day with Margo.

Once married, the bodybuilder hopes to purchase the perfect family home and share it with his sex doll.

Currently, he’s looking at properties in the Kazakh cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan.

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