Bored Woman In Lockdown Gives Herself Stripe Fake Tan Makeover Using Sellotape

A bored woman in lockdown decided to give herself an alternative – to say the least – makeover. Using sellotape, she has used fake tan in a way it’s never been used before, and perhaps for a reason. 

As all shops, hair and beauty salons have closed as they are not deemed essential during the coronavirus lockdown, people have taken it upon themselves to upkeep their beauty regimes.

Whilst some have simply attempted to paint their own nails or give their hair a slight trim, Sharna Lakeland took it one step further when she decided to keep up her tanning routine.

Having reached the peak of boredom, Sharna decided to put a twist on applying fake tan by using strips of sellotape. She applied them all over her body and face to create a bizarre array of tanning stripes.

Credit: Sharna Lakeland

Proud of her work, she posted a video of her fake tan application process to the Facebook page Isolation Nation. She captioned the post: “Staying indoors all day is not healthy for me.”

Tiktok really has be doing shit like this 💀😂Share it 😂

Posted by Sharna Lakeland on Sunday, 19 April 2020

In the clip, it shows Sharna wrapping thick pieces of tape around her legs and then she tans them with her usual mitt.

After finishing her legs, Sharna works up to her arms and as the camera pans upwards, she also reveals she’s tanned her face too.

Credit: Sharna Lakeland

Although it’s not something that will trend outside of lockdown, people thought Sharna’s attempts were absolutely hilarious and fun.

One person commented: “OMG, WHAT YOU DOING.”

Another said: “Isolation winning.”

A third in disbelief asked: “You tanned yourself like that?”

Whilst one wrote: “Zebra crossing.”

Somone questioned: “The real question here is… Will it wash off?? Or are you stripey for a while??”

Carol baskin who?? 😂😂

Posted by Sharna Lakeland on Friday, 24 April 2020

Meanwhile, a 42-year-old mum has gone viral on TikTok alongside her daughter in lockdown and says it’s like having a full-time job.

Also, a man has spent lockdown wrapping pieces of elastic bands around watermelons until they burst. Despite him having done it several times, his reaction is priceless each time.

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