Boris Johnson May ‘Send In Army To Drive Fuel Trucks’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson may 'send in the army to drive fuel trucks' as pumps across the UK dry out, according to reports. 
Credit: BBC & Unsplash
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Boris Johnson may ‘send in the army to drive fuel trucks’ as pumps across the UK continue to ‘dry out’.

As 90 percent of petrol stations across Britain have been hit by ‘panic buying’, the Prime Minister has been forced to consider asking the armed forces for help.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng claims the decision will allow suppliers to continue hitting targets at stations.

Find out more about how the UK government plans to tackle the lorry driver shortage in the clip below…

Many experts have reportedly blamed the overall situation on ‘frenzied buying,’ after there were concerns over the lack of HGV drivers due to Brexit and Covid.

Those within the oil industry have already stressed that the pressure to have a supply is a result of ‘temporary spikes in customer demand, not a national shortage of fuel’.

Regardless, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has tried to find a solution to the lorry driver shortage issue.

It was proposed that 5,000 foreign drivers could be brought into the UK on three-month visas to ease the situation.

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The UK has been hit by a lorry driver shortage, which may affect fuel. Credit: Unsplash

Shapps reportedly told the BBC that this would resolve the ‘100 to 200’ driver shortage. He also said that motorists should act ‘sensibly’ and only fuel up when necessary.

Discussing the government’s plan of action, the Cabinet Minister added that this was just ‘one element’ of the strategy. He then added that it could be a part of an effort that could take years to complete.

According to reports, the panic buying began when concerns from BP were leaked to the media. Apparently, its ability to provide customers with fuel could have been impacted by the lack of lorry drivers.

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