Boris Johnson Condemns ‘Thugs’ Who Harassed Chris Whitty

Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty
Credit: ITV via YouTube/Twitter.

Boris Johnson has condemned the ‘thugs’ who harassed Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty in a London park.

The Prime Minister shared a statement on Twitter saying he was ‘shocked’ at the footage which shows two men clinging on to him and laughing as he struggles to free himself.

It read: “I’m shocked at seeing the despicable harassment of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty.

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“I condemn the behaviour of these thugs. Our hard-working public servants should not have to face this kind of intimidation on our streets and we will not tolerate it.”

Some people are now calling for Mr Whitty to be given security.

One person wrote: “Give him top security. He didn’t ask to be the spokesperson for this pandemic but as he has, the least he deserves is to be protected, just as much as you are. Also you need to show that those that have intimated him will be dealt with swiftly to deter others from doing the same!”

Another added: “You should immediately offer him security protection, he deserves better than having idiots harass him in the street.”

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Others have claimed the behaviour of the thugs is down to the government setting ‘such a poor example’.

“This is what happens when our leaders demonstrate such little regard for the law themselves and set such a poor example in their role modelling,” wrote one person.

“It should be condemned. It’s appalling. But you also need to address the culture that’s driving this. Your language matters. You set the tone.”

Police are now investigating the incident.

A spokesperson said in a statement: “We are aware of a video being shared online showing an incident in St James’s Park. Officers spoke to all those involved at the time and their details were taken.

“We are in contact with the victim and the circumstances continue to be investigated.”

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