Italian Media Claim England’s Penalty Was Given ‘To Repay Boris Johnson’

Credit: @harrykane/Instagram & BBC

Italian media is alleging that England’s penalty against Denmark was given ‘to repay Boris Johnson,’ as the Prime Minister played a role in stopping the European Super League. 

Gazzetta dello Sport said the foul that earned the penalty, which involved Raheem Sterling and Jannik Vestergaard, was ‘bordering on the non-existent’.

Earlier in the year, football fans across the world were left shocked when it was revealed that some of Europe’s top teams – including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur – were in talks to leave the Champions League and Europa League for a closed-shop competition instead.

Petition Launched Calling For England Vs Denmark Rematch

Harry Kane
Italian media has alleged that England’s ‘very generous’ penalty was to repay British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Credit: @harrykane/Instagram

At the time, it received a major backlash and Johnson insisted that the government would step in and do ‘everything they could’ to prevent it from happening.

He said: “I don’t like the look of these proposals, and we’ll be consulted about what we can do.

“We are going to look at everything that we can do with the football authorities to make sure that this doesn’t go ahead in the way that it’s currently being proposed. I don’t think that it’s good news for fans, I don’t think it’s good news for football in this country.

“These clubs are not just great global brands – of course, they’re great global brands – they’re also clubs that have originated historically from their towns, from their cities, from their local communities.

“They should have a link with those fans, and with the fanbase in their community. So it is very, very important that continues to be the case.”

Did they actually ‘repay’ him for this, or are we just the greatest team who are about to bring it home?

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