Brand New Trailer For Capone Starring Tom Hardy Is Here

Upcoming biopic of “America’s most notorious gangster” is set to be released soon and a trailer has just dropped, showing Tom Hardy portraying an ageing and sickly Al Capone. 

“What’s the difference between Adolf Hitler and Al Capone? Hitler is dead.”

Seeing as all the cinemas currently shut, it seems like there is a seriously big hole in our lives that going to the movies would be filling. Well, hopefully, the first look of Tom Hardy as the infamous American gangster, Al Capone, will fill go some way to filling that hole because the first-look trailer for Josh Trank’s Capone has finally been released.

Given that it was originally announced way back in 2016 that Tom Hardy would be playing one of the most famous gangsters of all time, Al Capone, it feels as though we’ve had to wait an enormous amount of time to finally see Hardy in action, but judging by the first look trailer, it has certainly been worth the wait.

Capone, originally titled, Fonzo, tells the story of the later years in Al Capone’s life, focusing on the gangster’s fall from grace and notoriety after his release from prison, as he’s haunted by his violent past whilst his health seriously deteriorates.

Check out the brand new trailer below:

Looks pretty spectacular, doesn’t it?

The first-look trailer was released on Twitter by director Josh Trank, whose previous work includes 2012’s Chronicle and the rather disappointing The Fantastic Four, released in 2015.

Trank confirmed last night that Capone will be released via streaming on May 12, but the director is hoping the film will also have a theatrical release later on this year.

It’s not the first time that Hardy has tried his hand at taking on infamous gangsters. In 2015, Hardy received universal praise as he transformed into both Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the notorious East-End gangsters, in Brain Helgeland’s Legend.

Starring alongside Hardy is an excellent cast including Matt Dillon, Noel Fisher, Jack Lowden, and Linda Cardellini who plays Mae Capone, Al Capone’s wife.

Capone will be available to stream on May 12 and will be released by Vertical Entertainment.

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