‘Brazilian Hulk’ Dead At 55

Credit: @valdirsegatooficial/TikTok

A bodybuilder, known as the ‘Brazilian Hulk’, has died after allegedly ‘injecting himself with oil’ on his 55th birthday.

Valdir Segato had been reportedly pumping Synthol into his body for years in order to get bigger muscles.

Speaking to the Brazillian newspaper, Globo News, a friend of his, Moisés da Conceição da Silva, recalled the morning of his death by saying: “It was around 6am, more or less. He came crawling through the back of the house and came to the front.”  

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He added: “Then he knocked on my mother’s window, knocked, knocked, then she woke up and he said ‘Help me, help me because I’m dying’.”

Segato was rushed to a local hospital but unfortunately died after suffering a heart attack.

The 55-year-old was warned that by allegedly ‘injecting oil into his body,’ he risked suffering from strokes, infections and even amputation.

Moisés’ brother, Jadson revealed to Globo that this was not the first time Segato had to be rushed to hospital.

He recalled: I had already helped him. He just didn’t die because I ran very fast, I took the car, I went very fast until I got to the hospital. Then he thanked me, said that if it wasn’t for me, he would have died that day.”

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Segato had become a viral sensation on TikTok, where he had 1.6million followers and accumulated 19million likes on his videos.

Despite being popular on social media, he chose to live a secluded life.

It is believed that he rented a property behind his mother’s house, and would only allow a select few to come round and visit him.

He had been dubbed the ‘Brazilian Hulk’ and was inspired by his hero Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to the Daily Mail, in 2016 Segato explained: “They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that. I’ve doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger.”

It is believed that his biceps had grown by 23 inches after he allegedly ‘started injecting himself with Synthol’. 

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Written by Rosario Monachino

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