Brian Laundrie May Have Been ‘Eaten In Nature Reserve,’ Survival Expert Claims

Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito.
Credit: @bizarre_design_/Instagram

Brian Laundrie, who is on the FBI ‘Most Wanted’ list in relation to the alleged homicide of Gabby Petito, may have been ‘eaten in a nature reserve,’ a survival expert has claimed. 

In an interview with The Herald Tribune, Mark Burrow said the 23-year-old could be in ‘real danger’.

If Laundrie is in fact in Carlton Reserve, where police are currently searching for him, he could come into contact with many dangerous animals, such as coyotes and alligators, that could eat him ‘slowly’.

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However, according to Burrow, it’s not just animals that could cause him harm.

He said: “If he’s down there in the Carlton Reserve, he’s living in hell. People have been making a big deal of the alligators and the snakes. But it’s dehydration that’s the real danger.”

As there has been such heavy rain lately, he added that it would be extremely difficult to start a fire. Plus, the rainwater will have created tannins in the drinking water. Tannins can occur in wood, roots, and the bark of oak trees, and can be dangerous to humans.

“That can cause loose bowels,” Burrow noted. “Not a good thing when you are already dehydrated.”

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Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito.
Brian Laundrie may have been ‘eaten in a nature reserve,’ according to a survivalist expert. Credit: @bizarre_design_/Instagram

According to Daily Mail, this isn’t the first time that Laundrie has survived going off-grid.

Rose Davis, who claims to be the best friend of Petito, revealed that the missing man is ‘skilled’ and can handle himself.

She reportedly told the publication: “I know he lived in the Appalachians for what I believe was three months, and he did it by himself, so I know he’s skilled at it.”

Laundrie was reported missing on September 17 by his parents.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a dive team has joined the search to help locate him.

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