Brian Laundrie Lookalike Takes To TikTok To Clear His Name

Brian Laundrie lookalike
Credit: @gabspetito/Instagram, @notbrianlaundrie/TikTok

A Brian Laundrie lookalike has been forced to take to Tiktok to convince people that he is not the fugitive.

Laundrie, who is on the ‘FBI’s Most Wanted‘ list, hasn’t been seen since September 14. He is wanted in connection with the homicide of his fiance, Gabby Petito. 

However, many people keep thinking they have seen him when it is in fact this guy who looks just like him. 

Watch Dog the Bounty Hunter give an update on his search for Brian Laundrie… 

Speaking in a video, the unnamed guy said: “I would just like to put all of these rumours to bed.”

He then posted a follow-up video asking his followers: “Quick request from everyone.

“Any advice on what I should say to people that think I am Brian Laundrie? Really appreciate it.”

The two posts have been viewed almost five million times and many users have taken to the comments to discuss his resemblance to the missing man. 

One commented: “It’s crazy how much y’all look alike.”

“Yeah, you’re gonna have to wear a wig until he’s found.” said another.

A third added: “Okay, but before I viewed the video I was like ‘why is Brian Laundrie on my fyp.'”

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Dog the Bounty Hunter recently joined the search for Laundrie and said he is ‘closing in on him.’ 

The young man was reportedly the last person to be seen with 22-year-old Petito before she disappeared.

Tragically, her body was found in a campsite in Wyoming on September 20.

It comes as a Flordia state park, Fort De Soto, claimed their records show that the Laundrie family checked into the campground from September 6-8, three days before Gabby was reported missing. 

Laundrie’s mother has also been accused of using a burner phone, according to reports, but this claim has not been confirmed by authorities.

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