Bride Is Left Horrified When Her Own Mum Wears A White Lace Dress At Her Wedding

A bride was left horrified when her own mum decided to wear a white lace dress at her wedding. Maddeningly, the bride only saw her mum’s dress on the morning of her special day, which meant that there was no chance of changing it. 

You’d think it would go without saying that you never white to someone else’s wedding day yet somehow, one mum didn’t get this memo and surprised her daughter on her wedding day by wearing a white lace wedding dress.

Newlywed Jane Lu decided to film the day on TikTok, with there being a particular focus on her mum trying to out-stage her.

On her special day, Jane decided to wear an elegant yet simple white gown and similarly, her mum opted for a full-length white lace frock dress.

Founder of Australian clothing brand ShowPo, as Jane was getting ready for the big day, she decided to take a quick sneak peek at her mum’s dress and found it stuffed away inside a dry cleaning bag.

Jane said: “Just went to look at my mum’s dress […] it’s more bridal than mine!”

At this point, Jane was unsure about whether or not she should laugh or cry. The clip then jumped to show Jane comparing her own dress to her mum’s gown.

She continued: “My dress was quite simple… hers looked way more bridal!”

@thelazyceoI found out on the morning of MY wedding that my mum is wearing a white bridal gown! 🤦🏻‍♀️ ##wedding ##weddingfail ##weddingdress ##motherofthebride

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So far, the hilarious post has racked up over 170,000 views on TikTok and many have argued that Jane looks like a guest at her own wedding – all thanks to her mum.

One person said: “I would have poured wine all over it. You’re a good daughter.”

A second commented: “When you’re a guest at your own wedding.”

A third person wrote: “And that’s when you dye your mum’s dress a different colour.”

Similarly, a wedding photographer decided to photoshop a mother-in-law’s dress as she ‘defied the bride’ by wearing white.

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