Bride-To-Be Called ‘Insane’ After Demanding Mate Make Her A ‘Small’ Wedding Cake In Just Days

A bride-to-be has been branded “insane” on social media after she demanded that her friend – who happens to be able to bake – make her a ” small” wedding cake in just a few days. 

Just a few days before planning to exchange vows, a bride-to-be was branded “insane” after she demanded her friend to make her a “small” wedding cake, which would need to be four-tiers and “only for 300 people”.

Days before her wedding, the woman texted her friend saying: “Hey I know it’s last minute but would you be able to make a wedding cake by noon on Sunday?”

Initially open to the idea, the friend responded: “I can possibly fit something in by Sunday but it’s going to depend on what your (sic) interested in getting.”

Knowing exactly what she wanted her wedding cake to look like, the bridezilla sent her friend a photo of a four-tier cake she described as “not too big”.

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However, the friend was immediately put off trying to make the woman’s wedding cake when she saw the example of a cake which happened to be HUGE.

The friend responded back to the bride-to-be, insisting that at such short notice, it would not be possible to make such an extravagent cake.

Politely refusing to bake the cake, she wrote: “Oh wow. I’m sorry that’s gonna be impossible to fit in on such short notice.”

Although the woman then replied saying she “understood”, she couldn’t help but follow up with: “Are you sure? On TV they complete bigger cakes than this in a short time. Are you a beginner?”

Despite being annoyed at the fact her baking skill was being criticised, the friend decided to shut the conservation down with a message that simply said: “Have a good night.”

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A screenshot of the chat was then shared onto a wedding shaming group, where people couldn’t believe the future bride’s unreasonable request. Some even dubbed her as “insane”.

One person commented directly on the reference about TV bakers, they said: “Do they not understand how TV works?

“Also on the competition shows the cakes are pre-baked so even if the competition is 10 hours, they cooked and cooled the cakes days ahead of time. Stupid b****”.

Meanwhile, people who work in the wedding industry said that they had experienced similar situations and revealed that surprisingly, it happens quite often – although some insisted it had to be a fake request.

A woman responded: “As a baker, I can guarantee this is probably real, and I bet she was going to offer to pay her a “generous” $200 for her last-minute hard work.”

Another added: “I wish this wasn’t common. The former wedding planner in me knows it is.”

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