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Bride-To-Be ‘Humiliated’ By Groom Who Says She Can’t Wear White As She’s ‘Not Pure’

Credit: Pexels

A bride-to-be has been left feeling humiliated and upset as her wedding day draws closer, as her fiancé has informed her he doesn’t think she should wear a white bridal gown. 

The man took to Reddit to explain the situation, pointing out he revealed to his future wife that his relatives are against the idea of her wearing white as she’s had boyfriends before dating him.

He wrote: “So me (32M) and my soon to be wife (23F) are planning to get married in a few months.

“I come from a very religious household with strong Christian beliefs and one of the traditions in my family is if the woman getting married isn’t still a virgin they shouldn’t wear a white dress on their wedding day.”

According to the fiancé, his mum asked about his bride-to-be’s dating history before she’d even met her.

He continued: “My family knows my soon to be wife wasn’t a virgin when I met her because my mum asked me when I started dating her if she was pure, and I was honest and told her she had boyfriends before she met me.”

He then went on to say that he knew his fiancée was going to be devastated when he told her.

He added: “My wife was really upset when I asked her if she could wear a coloured dress on our wedding day but she agreed, so we’re looking at getting glittery blue dress instead.”

Credit: Pexel

However, the bride-to-be has now revealed that she’s having second thoughts about the wedding.

The man said: “Now she’s saying she won’t marry me because she’s too humiliated by the whole situation, but I really don’t see how it’s a big deal.”

Fellow Reddit users took to the comments section to slam the man’s family and the way they had treated his fiancée.

One said: “Making her parade down the aisle in something so ridiculous it’s like you’re trying to pin a giant scarlet letter on her.

“I think if you have such a poor opinion of her and want to cause her public embarrassment you should do her a favour and break up now.”

Another added: “This is sick, and I can’t believe your girlfriend stayed with you after this.”

Meanwhile, a third person pointed out: “This is not a Christian tradition, nor is it a modern tradition. There is no ‘Christian colour’ for virginity in marriage or anything else.

“Biblically, unmarried/virgin women wore multi-coloured robes.”

Meanwhile, a bride-to-be has slammed her fiancé’s engagement ring that cost $3000, she says it’s “cheap trash” and believes he doesn’t value her enough.

Featured Image Credit: Pexel

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Written by Aimee Walker

Aimee is a senior content editor at IGV who specialises in finding the best original stories, trending topics and entertainment news. She graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Media and Communications.

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