Bride-To-Be Slams $3000 Engagement Ring For Being ‘Cheap Trash’

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A bride-to-be has received backlash after slamming her $3000 white gold engagement ring for being “cheap trash”. 

An anonymous man, from the US, has taken to Reddit to explain how his bride-to-be was initially happy with her “nice little white gold ring with diamonds and a sapphire” that he chose for her. Yet after showing off the ring to her mum, who is a jeweller, has accused him of “using her” and “treating her like cheap trash”.

Since showing off the $3000 engagement ring to her mum, his partner has “refused to talk” to him and claims he’s “undervaluing” her. She is now demanding that he spends at least 10 per cent of his earnings on a new ring. He revealed that this would mean paying around $10 – $15,000.

After sharing his story about the drama with the engagement ring, many were quick to take to the comments section and brand the bride a “gold digger”.

One person wrote: “Honestly I think it’s a red flag that she cares so much about the cost of the ring.

“My fiancé proposed with a family ring so definitely didn’t follow the ‘10% rule’ but he could have proposed with a ring pop and I’d still marry him.”

Another said: “Covid or no Covid, just because you have a high salary doesn’t mean that you have to drop 10k on a ring just because your future in-laws say so.. A 3k ring is in no way cheap,’ ruled another supporter.”

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In the initial post, the man had written: “My partner and I have been talking about getting engaged for the last year or so. I have quite a good job so could easily afford an expensive engagement ring and if I was following the 10% rule then I should spend around 10-15k on the ring.

“However, my parents, sister and nephew have all had Covid this year so I was financially supporting all of them for a while.

“My sister has lost her job so I’m still supporting her a bit and my job has announced that they will be laying off around 150 people next year and while I feel confident that I’m not one of them, I don’t want to guarantee it either.”

The man then went on to explain how the bride-to-be’s mum had an awful lot to say about the ring, with none of it being good.

The man’s partner has since accused him of “undervaluing” her and everything she does, which includes looking after their toddler, cooking and cleaning.

His post continued: “I feel like s*** tbh, she’s refusing to talk to me, her parents are accusing me of using her and treating her like cheap trash.

“I’ve tried to explain my point of view but they won’t listen and are demanding at least 10% ring. AITA for the ring I bought?”

Many took to the comments to suggest that perhaps her parents were concerned about there being any financial worries in the relationship. However, the man said this isn’t the case and that’s even in a situation where he can pay his wife to be a stay-at-home mum.

He revealed: “She gets $450/week to spend however she likes or save, I happen to know that she has over 40k in her personal savings account. THIS WAS MY IDEA after the birth of our son when she suggested going back to work, I didn’t think it would be a good idea. Her old job paid her $350/week for full-time work.

“Full-time child care/house cleaners would cost around $300-400 depending on the time of year. To me, it made more sense for her to stay at home and bond with our son than to spend the equivalent of her income on childcare/cleaning.”

AITA for not buying a 10% engagement ring? from AmItheAsshole

Lots of the Reddit users were extremely supportive of the groom-to-be’s point of view and many added that it shouldn’t about what the ring is worth but what it represents.

A woman from the UK, whose engagement ring is from Argos, responded: “Mine cost £30 and was from Argos, and do you know what, I loved it. It was what it symbolised and who it was from that mattered.”

Another chimed in: “Exactly.. A ring is a ring. Mine was about £500 I was so totally happy with my ring. It’s perfect. Tbh if my husband spent anymore then I would have been so annoyed at him.”

Meanwhile, another blasted the parents and their influence. They commented: “Worst part here is her parents injecting and calling him cheap! It’s like her and her parents are the team not OP and her.”

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