Bristol Set To Ban Lap Dancing Clubs In Bid To Tackle Violence Against Women

Bristol may ban lap dancing clubs in a bid to help tackle violence against women. 

The issue has divided councillors, with Margaret Hickman arguing the city ‘can’t ignore the violence against women that is perpetrated by people who attend these venues’.

She told Bristol Live: “Casual street harassment of women and domestic homicide are some of the biggest issues Bristol has to deal with.

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Activists want lap-dancing banned in Bristol.
Councillors fear there are links between the venues and violence against women. Credit: Pexel

“We can’t ignore the violence against women that is perpetrated by people who attend these venues.”

However, Cllr Richard Eddy disagreed and said banning them would be a ‘grave mistake’.

He told the publication: “We are asked not to give our taste, our moral view, whether we believe these sorts of clubs should exist, we are asked to weigh up the crime statistics and the evidence and say if we believe there is a link.

“The existing clubs are well run and well regulated, so I can’t see evidence that we should drop the cap to nil.

“That would be a grave mistake.”

Many have agreed with his view on Twitter, with one writing: “You are going to push it underground, you are going to make it so it is less regulated.

“It’s incredibly distasteful.”

Featured Image Credit: Pexel

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Written by Aimee Walker

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