Brit Student Claims He’s In A ‘Bit Of A Pickle’ After Getting Stuck in Afghanistan

A Brit student has claimed that he's in a 'bit of a pickle' after finding himself stuck in Afghanistan. 
Credit: Unsplash & Miles Le-vesconte Routledge via Facebook

A British student has claimed that he’s in a ‘bit of a pickle’ after finding himself stuck in Afghanistan. 

Miles Routledge, who is currently studying at Loughborough University, reportedly visited the country as a part of a ‘holiday’.

Taking to social media, the 21-year-old wrote: “No more fights in Kabul, I’m stuck in Afghanistan. Bit of a pickle.”

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He added: “I was fully prepared for death, I accepted it. This trip has been a test of God. I’m very religious so I believe I’ll be looked after.”

Before flying out to Afghanistan, Routledge shared a status about testing himself through visiting the ‘the worst places in the world’.

He penned: “I’ve just booked my flight to Afghanistan.

“Wish me luck, I will bring back some small souvenir for whoever wants one!”

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The Brit has found himself stuck in Afghanisation due to the Taliban takeover. Credit: Miles Le-vesconte Routledge via Facebook

According to the Daily Mail, Routledge purchased a £15 ‘lordship certificate’ before flying out.

It allows him to refer to himself as a ‘lord’ through his American Express card and he believed that it would help keep him safe during his travels.

He explained: “The Taliban may see that as reason enough to keep me alive, thinking it may hold some negotiating power as they’ll think I’m important. Let’s hope it won’t get to that stage though.”

Currently, Routledge is believed to be staying in a ‘safe house’ and has insisted he’s ‘comfortable’.

On social media, he said: “I’ve been telling journalists this but despite how interesting my situation is, please remember I’m comfortable whereas the average Afghani is fearing for their lives.

“My tour guide is currently fearing for his family and his only crime is going the extra mile and saving my life, I can never repay him and that saddens me.”

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