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British Influencer Who ‘Identifies As Korean’ Reveals Family Has Stopped Speaking To Them

British influencer Oli London, who 'identifies as Korean,' has admitted that their family have stopped speaking to them after going public as 'transracial'.
Credit: @londonoli/Instagram

British influencer Oli London, who ‘identifies as Korean,’ has admitted that their family hasn’t spoken to them since they ‘came out’ as ‘transracial’.

The non-binary social media star, who claims they’ve received death threats, opened up about how their decision has impacted their close relationships during a recent chat on This Morning.

“It’s been really rough,” the 31-year-old admitted. “I haven’t spoken properly with my family since I had my surgery a few weeks ago and it’s been very tough.

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“I have friends who will no longer speak to me because of the surgeries, they think, ‘How dare you identify as Korean, you weren’t born in Korea’. But this is my truth.

“I feel so happy when I think about Korea, K-pop gives me happiness, BTS gives me happiness.

“I hope over time people understand. My family has been tough, they’re actually not speaking to me right now, I feel very lonely.”

Since forking out over £175,000 to look like K-pop star Park Ji-min, London has made it their aim to become an official Korean citizen.

They’ve even offered to complete two years of military service – something which is compulsory for all males in Korea.

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Oli London
Influencer Oli London says they’re no longer in contact with their family after ‘coming out as Korean’. Credit: @londonoli/Instagram

“I have already offered the Korean people, I will give two years of my life to do military service if they give me citizenship, I will do anything to be Korean,” they insisted.

Although London now believes they look like a Korean person, they’ve admitted they’re still not entirely happy with their appearance, describing it as a ‘never-ending journey’.

They said: “I never really reach that point of happiness, to be honest.

“I was so happy when I did my eye surgery and looked in the mirror, I was crying for the first time thinking, ‘Wow, this has been such a journey, I finally got the look I wanted’.

“It’s kind of never-ending I get temporary happiness, it’s sad in a way but I’m much happier than I used to be, I have so much more confidence.”

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