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British Influencer Now ‘Identifies As Korean’ After Undergoing ‘Racial Transitional Surgery’

British influencer Oli London says they 'identify as Korean' after undergoing 'racial transitional surgery'.
Credit: London Oli via Instagram & YouTube

British influencer Oli London says they now ‘identify as Korean’ after undergoing ‘racial transitional surgery’.

The non-binary social media star recently had plastic surgery for the 18th time to look more like South Korean singer Park Ji-min.

In a statement to Sky News, London explained: “I’m not about negativity or sparking controversy. At the end of the day, I’m a human being living my truth.

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“It’s an unfortunate reality for so many to have to hide who they truly are.”

In a YouTube video, the 31-year-old discussed their most recent surgery, which included a facelift, brow lift, and work on their teeth.

They said: “I know a lot of people don’t understand me, but I do identify as a Korean and I do look Korean now, I do feel Korean.

“That’s just my culture. That’s my home country. That’s exactly how I look now. And I also identify as Jimin, that’s my career name.”

The internet personality acknowledged that there’s ‘confusion for some people’ about their identity. But they finally ‘feel beautiful’ and don’t want people to make ‘cruel comments’.

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The British influencer says they ‘identify as Korean’ after undergoing ‘racial transitional surgery’. Credit: @londonoli/Instagram

London, who has lived in Korea and can speak the country’s language, continued: “If you didn’t know who I was, you would just think I was a Korean person, not a man or a woman, just a person.

“And, you know, people might think, ‘Oh, I’m such a joke’. But you know what guys? You don’t understand. If you’re trapped in the wrong body your whole life, you don’t understand.”

Since declaring that they identify as Korean, the influencer has come under fire on social media.

One person tweeted: “I am a person belonging to the non-binary umbrella, and this offends me A LOT. Being Korean is a nationality, not a gender. You are making fun of all the non-binary umbrella, the neo pronouns and the entire LGBTQ+ community! Really stop, please.”

In agreement, a second said: “I don’t think they even understand how disrespectful this is.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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