Hilarious Bubble Face Masks Are Taking Over TikTok

Tiktokers are going wild for bubble face masks that make you resemble Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Kraft Daddy recently went viral after sharing a video about the latest beauty trends.

She captioned the hilarious clip: “#greenscreen #cloudmask #bubbleclaymask.”

Woman Left With Orange Skin After Giving Herself A Turmeric Facial

Credit: TikTok/@letmepoopfirstOver in the comments, many asked the American where she’d purchased the facial product from.

She revealed that it’s from Milky Piggy and it costs just £6.25.

So far, the clip has garnered over 7.2 million views and over 1.7 million likes, with viewers finding it hysterical.

@letmepoopfirst##greenscreen ##cloudmask ##bubbleclaymask♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

After seeing the woman’s face suddenly foam up from the product, one user questioned: “Was it supposed to do that?!”

Another remarked: “You looked like the guy from the sauna in Frozen.”

While one commented: “I got this one but I got the pink one.”

Credit: TikTok/@letmepoopfirst

The mask can be applied to the entire face – apart from the eyes – and can be removed with water after just three to five minutes.

Despite the comical appearance, beauty addicts are keen to try out this trend due to its many benefits.

Essentially, bubble face masks are intended to deep cleanse the face. Using a special oxygenation process – which produces all the foam – they can help to clear blackheads while reducing dirt and oil.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@letmepoopfirst

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