Builders Helped Fix 94-Year-Old Woman’s Fence For Free After She Was Ripped Off By ‘Cowboys’

After a 94-year-old woman was ripped off by cowboy builders when she paid them to install her a fence, a group of builders kindly took it upon themselves to fix the fence for free out of the kindness of their hearts. 

When Chris Sawdon heard that his 94-year-old neighbour had been ripped off by some shoddy builders who had been to build her a fence for her garden, he decided to help restore her faith in humanity by getting the help of others to fix her fence.

Betty, a pensioner who lives in Sherburn-In-Elmet, Yorkshire, had paid some builders to install her a fence for her garden. Yet within just three days of the fence being built, it had all blown down. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the builders hadn’t bothered to put the posts in the ground properly.

As Betty had been left upset and disappointed, neighbour Chris decided to go onto a local community Facebook page and share Betty’s misfortune in the hope of some help. It wasn’t long before he was overwhelmed by responses and eventually, a local company, Denby Building Contractors, responded to the post and said that they would fix Betty’s fence – completely free.

Credit: Facebook

Feeling happy and grateful for the amazing response to his post, Chris decided to share the heartwarming story onto Facebook.

In the Facebook post, Chris wrote: “A fantastic local company DENBY Building Contractors responded to the post and came round today to put the shoddy work right.

“They dug the holes to right depth, set posts properly and fitted all of the fence panels and even turned over the border and cleared away rubbish left by the other contractors. They did all this for FREE and would not take a penny even when my neighbour offered them some money.

“I cannot thank Steve and the guys at DENBY Building Contractors enough and highly recommend them to anybody needing any building or structural garden work doing.”

Today has restored my faith in humanity a little. My 94 year old next door neighbour was ripped off last week by some…

Posted by Chris Sawdon on Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Since people have seen the post about Denby Building Contractors, the business has received plenty of support. Many responded to the post saying they would love to have the building company do some work for them too.

One person commented: “What a great bunch of lads.”

Whilst another said: Well done to Denby Building Contractors, so proud of you guys.”

Lockdown clearly has brought out the best in some people and certainly shown that there is still a sense of community. For example, an Aldi manager realised that a regular customer at the store, who was 87-years-old, was only purchasing tinned foods. It turned out that the pensioner had no oven in her home and only a microwave. As she didn’t have any family to help out close by, the store manager took it upon himself to get hot meals sent to the elderly woman from a local cafe.

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