Burger King Worker Told Uniform Is ‘Distracting’ Customer’s Husband

A Burger King worker was told that her uniform was ‘distracting’ to a customer’s husband and she has now shared her response on TikTok.
Credit: @rockefeller.o/TikTok

A Burger King worker was told that her uniform was ‘distracting’ a customer’s husband. 

The woman, known only as Lala, opened up about the incident on TikTok and showed her followers exactly what her uniform looks like. 

She captioned the post: “I had a lady complain today because my work uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband.”

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The Burger King worker shared a video about her uniform.
The Burger King worker was told her uniform was too ‘distracting’ for a customer’s husband. Credit: @rockefeller.o/TikTok

She then stuck up her two fingers to the camera, adding: “I guess I’ll leave my a** at home next time?”

Since opening up about the interaction on social media, the employee’s video has received a whopping 9.3 million views, along with tons of support from her followers. 

@rockefeller.o“Girl, f*ck you. ? ##FriendsReunion ##ConjuringHorror ##fyp ##zyxcba ##foryou ##zyxbca ##iamafrican ##blacklivesmatter ##whatitslike ##justvibing #♬ Bundles (feat. Taylor Girlz) – Kayla Nicole

One viewer commented: “Lol, she hasn’t seen her husband excited in a long time.”

Pitching in, another added: “That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Just proves that true beauty shines through any ugly uniform.”

“Tell her to be mad at her husband’s wandering eyes,” a third suggested. 

However, a few people said that they understood the wife’s point of view. 

A viewer wrote: “No hate towards you but she probably thinks it might turn him bad. I’m assuming he’s good and the same goes for her.”

A similar incident took place recently at a theme park in Oklahoma City, US, where a woman alleged that her choice of clothing was criticised.

The mum has claimed that a staff member approached her and said that her shorts were ‘too short’ for a family destination.

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