‘Burglar’ Has Died After Plunging 20ft Into Building Full Of Chainsaws, Scythes And Mowers

After landing into a piece of equipment, a man was fatally injured and his body was later found in the building of a garden machinery business. 

A burglar’s body has been discovered in a garden machinery business, after he plunged 20ft through the roof of the building and landed in chainsaws, scythes and mowers.

Northamptonshire Police say that the man was fatally injured after landing on a piece of equipment.

Jamie Sharman, the boss of Corby Garden Machinery on St James’s Road, was met with the gruesome scene when opening up on November 20.

The burglar’s bloodstained body was found by Mr Sharman on a piece of machinery inside the premises.

The police believe the man was trying to break into the building when he crashed through the roof and plunged into the machinery.

Mr Sharman arrived at work at 7.30 am, who had no idea as to what had happened as the burglar’s fall was so rapid that it didn’t set of the security alarms.

Understandably, the boss has been left shaken up by the horrific discovery.

Understandably, the boss has been left shaken up by the horrific discovery. He told the Mirror: “I came in through the side entrance and saw him lying on a piece of machinery.

“I phoned the police straight away and the ambulance came. He had been dead for some time. It was a sad sight.

“We are regularly targeted here. They want hand tools that they can transport easily and sell on.

“We’ve made it as difficult as possible for them with good security but we are still getting burglars trying to get in.”

A business owner nearby commented: “We are getting targeted all the time.

“They go up on the roof to see how long it takes the alarm to be triggered and then they come back.

“It’s like a jewellery shop for them.”

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