Cadbury Dream Chocolate Bars Are Back On Sale In The UK!

Cadbury Dream chocolate bars are back on sale in the UK after the white chocolate treat was axed and removed from shelves, just a few years after its launch back in 2002. 

Previously, lovers of Cadbury’s Dream bars had to resort to ordering the decadent bars for £5.99 from GB Gifts, which has them imported all the way from Australia.

However, Cadbury’s appear to have had a change in heart and have launched the iconic chocolate bar back in the UK. Unfortunately, it’s only available at discount store B&M. The store is currently selling 180g bars for £2.99, which is certainly a lot cheaper than ordering from online!

If you’ve not been lucky enough to sample a bar of Dream, then basically it’s a combination of white chocolate and cocoa butter and at the time, it was a massive hit with fans of the chocolate brand. So when it was axed, many were left devastated knowing they couldn’t fulfil their chocolate needs.

To attempt at filling the void, Cadbury launched another white chocolate range, appropriately named Cadbury White, in July 2019. Yet still, chocolate lovers insisted it wasn’t quite the same.

The Dream bar was originally spotted in B&M stores by Instagram page John’s Snack Reviews and fans were delighted to hear the news.

In the post, John wrote: “Cadbury Dream! Now available at B&M for £2.99 for a 180g Bar!”

He then added: “Purposely left the b&m price logo as proof!”

One person responded to the post: “Bloody hell! Essential.”

Another gushed: “NO WAY!!! Omg I was gonna wait until lockdown is over to go to b&m but this has changed my MIND!!”

Whilst one said they actually prefer the taste of Cadbury White, commenting: “Yay! but I still prefer the white cadbury here it tastes much nicer.”

Since the post, B&M has confirmed the wonderful news that they are selling Dream bars and that it is being imported by the same Australian imports that are used by more expensive retailers. However, they have also commented that it is for a limited time only – so you probably want to stock up whilst you can!

As B&M doesn’t sell products online, you’ll have to head to your nearest B&M store. You can find your nearest store here.

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