Caitlyn Jenner Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Calling Her ‘Trump In A Wig’

Caitlyn Jenner, who is currently running for governor, has slammed Jimmy Kimmel for calling her ‘Trump in a wig’. 
Credit: ABC via YouTube & @caitlynjenner/Instagram

Caitlyn Jenner, who is currently running for governor of California, has slammed Jimmy Kimmel for calling her ‘Trump in a wig’. 

It all started when the TV host showed side-by-side photos of Jenner – who he referred to as the ‘Olympic guy’ – and the former president on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

He then asked his viewers: “Are we sure that isn’t Donald Trump in a Caitlyn Jenner wig?”

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He went on to criticise the reality TV star’s interview on ABC’s The View, branding it nonsense and claiming it was just ‘for attention’. 

Kimmel added: “Caitlyn Jenner has a better chance of being the next Batman than she does governor of California.”

Jenner then took to Twitter to slam the 53-year-old’s comments in a series of tweets.

She wrote: “Last night, Jimmy Kimmel called me ‘Trump in a wig’. He obviously believes that trans women are simply men with wigs on. 

“Where is the outrage from the left or the LGBT community? Being WOKE must be optional if you’re a Democrat.”

Jenner then referenced an episode of Kimmel’s show back from 2013, which she believes ‘contributed to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders’ hate’. 

She questioned: “Is there any group he won’t attack?”

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Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner has slammed Jimmy Kimmel for calling her ‘Trump in a wig’ on his show. Credit: @caitlynjenner/Instagram

In that particular segment, Kimmel suggested that ‘killing everyone in China’ would solve America’s troubling debt issue. 

At the time, he joked: “Kill everyone in China? Okay, that’s an interesting idea.”

Later on, Kimmel and ABC apologised for the comment and any offence it may have caused.

However, the presenter doesn’t appear to be worried he may have offended Jenner.

He responded to her tweets by uploading a photo of Gary Coleman – who has also run for governor in California – shrugging his shoulders.

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