Caitlyn Jenner Weighs In On Trans Women Swimming Ban

Caitlyn Jenner Lia Thomas Ban: The former Olympian has weighed in on the trans women swimming ban.
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Caitlyn Jenner has weighed in on the transgender women swimming ban

The former Olympian, who transitioned in 2015, says the world swimming’s governing body (FINA) and its new policy that prohibits trans women from competing in women’s sports is ‘fair’.

After the news was announced, she tweeted: “It worked! I took a lot of heat – but what’s fair is fair.”

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She went on to add: “If you go through male puberty you should not be able to take medals away from females. Period.”

This isn’t the first time Jenner has addressed trans sports and UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas.

The reality TV star previously told Fox News that although she ‘respects’ the sportswoman, she believes the student ‘isn’t helping the trans community’.

At the time, she explained: “We need to protect women’s sports.

“I respect her [Lia Thomas’] decision to live her life authentically. 100%. But that also comes with responsibility and some integrity.

“I don’t know why she’s doing this.”

Jenner added: “It’s also not good for women’s sports. It’s unfortunate that this is happening.

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“All of this woke world that we’re living in right now is not working.

“I feel sorry for the other athletes that are out there.”

FINA’s ban comes shortly after Thomas made some record-breaking achievements at her college swim meets.

The organisation announced on June 19 that from now, trans women will only be able to compete in its women’s races if they have completely transitioned by 12 years old.

They will then have to continue to prove to the federation that they have continued to suppress their testosterone levels.

So that trans swimmers will still be accommodated, FINA has said an ‘open category’ will be set up. However, it’s yet to be determined how this will operate.

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