Caitlyn Jenner Faces Huge Backlash For Saying Trans Girls Shouldn’t Compete In Female Sports

Caitlyn Jenner, who came out as transgender in 2015, is facing backlash for saying trans girls shouldn’t compete in women's sports.
Credit: @caitlynjenner/Instagram

Caitlyn Jenner is facing a huge backlash for saying trans girls shouldn’t compete in female sports.

The former Olympian, who came out as a transgender woman in 2015, claims it ‘just isn’t fair’.

She said: “It just isn’t fair, and we have to protect girl’s sports in our schools.”

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Caitlyn Jenner’s views on trans girl have upset a lot of people.
Caitlyn Jenner’s views on trans girls have upset a lot of people. Credit: @caitlynjenner/Instagram

However, the 71-year-old’s comments have angered a lot of people.

Writer Charlotte Clymer took to Twitter to blast her, writing: “Medical organisations, feminist organisations, and prominent cis women athletes, including Billie Jean King and Megan Rapinoe, have all spoken out against banning trans girls from sports.

“There is no evidence this is a problem anywhere. Caitlyn Jenner is dead wrong on this.”

Others slammed her for ‘harming’ her own community.

One wrote: “You are not a fair representation of the LGTB community. You are harming your own community. You should be ashamed.  Your white privilege is showing.”

Another added: “@Caitlyn_Jenner needs to understand YOU are not the voice or face for trans people. Take a seat go be a grandparent and parent we don’t need your interference.”

A third wrote: “I just can’t take Caitlyn Jenner seriously – it’s the hypocrisy & double standards for me.

“So wasn’t unfair for her to take part in a golf tournament with women in 2016? Pretend to thank trans athletes in sports for being themselves in her 2015 acceptance speech for an award?”

They added: “But seriously though #CaitlynJenner is basically saying that if she had transitioned as a kid she should’ve been denied a future as Olympic winner because she was born a boy? Discrediting her experience? Make it make sense.

“Missed opportunity to not be a bridge for real solutions.”

Taking to Twitter to defend her stance, Jenner posted: “I didn’t expect to get asked this on my Saturday morning coffee run, but I’m clear about where I stand.

“It’s an issue of fairness and we need to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

Piers Morgan then jumped to her defence, writing: “Good for her. Courageous and correct. If anyone understands how unfair it is, then it’s surely @Caitlyn_Jenner.

“Yet she will now be destroyed by the trans lobby for stating the obvious.”

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