Caitlyn Jenner Slams Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas And Says She’s Not A Rightful ‘Winner’

Caitlyn Jenner and Lia Thomas.
Credit: Alamy & Penn Athletics

Caitlyn Jenner, who recently criticised the Texas abortion ban, has slammed trans swimmer Lia Thomas over the recent NCAA championships. 

The former Olympian responded to the American swimmer’s win of the women’s 500 yards on March 17, saying Thomas is not a rightful ‘winner’.

Responding to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has declared Emma Weyant the ‘rightful winner,’ Jenner tweeted: “@GovRonDeSantis agreed! She is the rightful winner! @TMZ It’s not transphobic or anti-trans, it’s COMMON SENSE!”

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In response, one person questioned: “Honest question. Why do people like you always ignore all the times when a trans athlete doesn’t win?

“It creates a baffling paradox when you say they give cis women no chance despite them not winning every time.”

Referring to Jenner’s support of DeSantis, another added: “Wow, that’s a person you want to take after. What’s next, you’ll be quoting the rapist Trump? You’re a disgrace”

After the star’s tweets faced a backlash, Jenner stated: “No, I just had the balls to stand up for women and girls in sports.”

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This isn’t the first time that Jenner has scrutinised Thomas’ involvement in women sport’s.

Previously, the reality TV star has told Fox News that she ‘respects’ the swimmer. However, she doesn’t believe her actions ‘help the trans community’.

Explaining her reasoning, she said: “We need to protect women’s sports.

“I respect her [Lia Thomas’] decision to live her life authentically. 100%. But that also comes with responsibility and some integrity.

“I don’t know why she’s doing this.”

She continued: “It’s also not good for women’s sports. It’s unfortunate that this is happening.

“All of this woke world that we’re living in right now is not working.

“I feel sorry for the other athletes that are out there.”

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