Cardi B Causes Uproar With ‘Offensive’ Korean Impersonation

Cardi B has caused an uproar with her 'offensive' Korean impersonation. 
Credit: @iamcardib/Instagram & @samueljhyun/TikTok

Cardi B has caused an uproar with her ‘offensive’ Korean impersonation. 

On Instagram live, the rapper is believed to have chatted to fans about her birthday plans and warned that everyone better be ‘dancing’.

In the clip, she said: “If y’all b*****s don’t turn up and start dancing, if not…”

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Cardi B
Cardi B has been slammed by fans over her Korean impersonation. Credit: @iamcardib/Instagram

The mum-of-one then referenced the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ killer robot in Squid Games and, in a Korean accent, reportedly warned people that they would be ‘elimimated’.

Not long after the post was shared, Asian social media users, including TikToker Sam Hyun, called the star out for the ‘offensive’ impression.

In a video, the content creator said: “If you’re not Asian, this might not be a ‘big deal’.

“But this is the kind of shit that people do that’s rooted in anti-Asian hate. It’s dehumanising and othering.”

@samueljhyunIf you think this is hilarious, you have 6th grace humor. ##cardib♬ Originalton – ????? ?

Many people have now taken to the comments of Hyun’s post and pointed out that racism towards Asians has become ‘normalised’.

One person commented: “Literally, Asian racism is so normalised, even in 2021. There really is a bunch of hypocrites out there.”

Another added: “Racism against Asians is so normalised that so many people don’t even see what’s wrong with it.”

“She could have hummed the tune,” a third viewer pointed out. “Not ‘attempt’ to speak Korean.”

However, others argued that they found it ‘funny’ and people are taking it ‘too seriously’.

One viewer said: “I am Asian and this is fine…”

Pitching in, a second wrote: “She’s just singing the melody. Nowhere near is this mocking. Y’all want her to pronounce everything 100% when she doesn’t speak the language or ???”

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