Care Worker Left In Tears After B&M Shopper Accuses Her Of ‘Spreading Germs’ By Wearing Uniform Out Of Work

A care worker was left absolutely devastated when a B&M shopper accused her of ‘spreading germs’ by wearing the uniform outside of work. 

Kimberly Simpson has claimed that a fellow shopper left her feeling hurt and embarrassed as she was “shouting” that she was buying non-essential items whilst still wearing her uniform, which could potentially be ‘spreading germs’.

The young carer said that she had been left feeling “disgusted” by the other woman’s behaviour, as she even threatened to report her to a manager at the store.

Credit: Facebook

As evidence, Kimberly filmed the confrontation as she couldn’t believe it when the woman abruptly began to verbally attack her.

From behind the camera, Kimberly can be heard saying in the clip: “You’re having a go at me for buying stuff.

“You just said that I am buying stuff that is non-essential.

“You’re absolutely ridiculous, you should not have come up to me aggressively like that saying I’m spreading germs when I’m not spreading germs.”

The woman then interjected, saying: “I’m not having a go.

“You’re still spreading germs.”

The woman then added that she wasn’t referring to her uniform because of the coronavirus pandemic, rather that there was just a concern over germs in general.

It has then been claimed that the woman followed Kimberly as she continued to shop in her uniform around the store, for approximately ten minutes.

Following the incident, Kimberly shared a photo of her face in which it’s clear her face is tear-stained.

She stated: “I’m not doing anything wrong.”

Later on, she wrote on Facebook: “I know I’m an ugly crier, but this lady has just followed me around B&M shouting at me saying I’m not allowed in the shop because I’m in uniform.

“Apparently I’m not allowed to buy non-essential items.”

Credit: Facebook

Kimberly then added that she had spoken to her manager – she is believed to be a care worker for Nexus – about the incident. She explained that the woman had threatened to report her to the care home where she worked.

She said: “I’ve just spoken to (my manager) and they said I’m not doing anything wrong.

“We have worked so hard, no clients have COVID so we are clearly doing something right.”

The care worker, who is believed to be from Burton upon Trent, has since shared that she’s been inundated with tons of support since the footage has gone viral.

She said: “Feel overwhelmed by all the kind messages, all I’ve done is cry this afternoon.”

You can watch the clip below.

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