Caitlyn Jenner Says She ‘Doesn’t Understand They/Them Pronouns’

Caitlyn Jenner
Credit: Alamy

Caitlyn Jenner, who recently explained why her kids still call her dad, said that she ‘doesn’t understand’ the ‘they/them’ pronouns. 

The former Olympian admitted on Fox News that she ‘can’t figure out’ the concept, despite being one of the most prolific transgender people in the world.

Commenting on a story that claimed ‘non-binary teachers’ were ‘actually biological men,’ Jenner said:  “We are living in such a woke world right now I can’t even figure it out.

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“This is a terrible story and you know they went to this camp and when they came back they were talking about gender this and that and the good news is that parents are now standing up so they called the school.”

She continued: “In this crazy state of California the law says it’s okay to put staff in the cabins that they identify as and I guess these two boys identified as they and them, which I can’t quite understand, and the parents found out.

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“Now the camp is trying to get around it… It’s absolutely a mess out here in California and it’s a shame because I know so many people in the LGBT community that are wonderful people and it’s a shame that people on the fringes ruin it for everybody.”

Jenner has also opened up about what it has meant for her to come out as trans.

The 72-year-old told the Daily Telegraph: “I’ve been able to live my life authentically for the last nearly seven years now. It has been the best thing I ever did.

“When you finally come out, it feels like you don’t have any more secrets like somebody has lifted 1000 pounds off your shoulders and you start breathing.”

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