‘Cecil Hotel’ Viewers Horrified To Learn ‘Night Stalker’ Connection

Cecil Hotel viewers have been left horrified after learning that Richard Ramirez, AKA the ‘Night Stalker’ once prowled its corridors. 

According to the Netflix series, which dropped earlier this week, the notorious American serial killer, who killed 13 people, stayed there during the 1980s.

During the show, which investigates the disappearance of Canadian student Elisa Lam, LA historian Kim Cooper explains how the site is ‘well known’ for being a dangerous place, frequented by criminals.

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Cecil Hotel viewers have been left horrified after learning the serial killer also prowled the corridors. Credit: Netflix

She said: “It’s one of these hotels that’s well known for this type of crime. The Cecil is a place where serial killers would let their hair down.

“One was a figure who stayed upstairs on the 14th floor, was paying $14 a night for his room, he liked to scare, torture, torment, kill and rape human beings.

“After committing some of the most brutal murders that happened in southern California ever, he would come back to the Cecil.

“In the middle of the night, he would be in the back alley covered in blood, taking off his clothing.”

Elisa Lam appeared to vanish into thin air while visiting LA. Credit: Netflix

Fellow historian Richard Schave added: “He would walk in his blood-stained underwear, barefoot, up to his floor and into his room. Repeatedly.”

Viewers’ minds have been ‘blown’ by this information, with one person writing on Twitter: “The Night Stalker also stayed at the Cecil Hotel? Wait? What? How did I miss that? My mind is blown!!”

Another wrote: “The fact that we learn that the #NightStalker actually stayed at #CecilHotel from #TheVanishingattheCecilHotel is insane!

“How that place stayed open for so long is shocking!”

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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