Champion Figure Skater Opens Up About Becoming An Adult Film Star

A champion figure skater has decided to open up about what it's like to have made such a drastic career change. 
Credit: @officialjadakai/Instagram

A champion figure skater has decided to open up about what it’s like to have made such a drastic career change. 

Melissa Bulanhagui, who now goes by the name Jada Kai, chatted to Asa Akira on The Pornhub Podcast about swapping the ice rinks for a career in the adult film industry.

The 29-year-old claimed: “I was on Team USA for five years, I grew up skating, my parents were super-Asian and they pushed me in the sport.

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The champion figure skater has opened up about her new career in the adult film industry. Credit: @officialjadakai/Instagram

“I ended up being super successful in it from age 14 to college. Then I switched to Team Philippines, in 2011, and competed for them for two years.

“I was a very good girl when I was a kid – training was my childhood.”

But Kai, who was born in Philadelphia to Filipino parents, admitted that she soon began to rebel from her strict Catholic upbringing when she became a teenager.

The former figure skater recalled: “After high school, I became a horny girl – I was terrified of becoming an old virgin.

“So, I got in touch with my slutty roots. It was hard for me, I felt like people would judge me because skating was a super-conservative sport and the circle’s so small.”

“I remember when I lost my virginity I felt the need to tell everyone.”

Kai revealed that she ended up leaving the world of skating just before the Sochi Olympics, as she acquired an injury.

She explained: “I won nationals and Olympics qualifiers were around the corner. And when I asked the team about the application, they said ‘oh, we’re gonna send the junior champion instead’.

“I had sacrificed everything, and I was good.”

The adult film star wants to start creating her own content. Credit: @officialjadakai/Instagram

Looking for work, Kai decided to travel out to Thailand and train fellow skaters.

Reflecting on this, she said: “It was really hard for me. I was 20 at the time and I had to train coaches and be in a leadership position. It was so hard to do.”

As it was so difficult, Kai moved back to the US and soon found herself working in bars and shops to make cash – which is when she came across webcamming.

“I started watching documentaries on them and so I tried it and I made like $200,” she explained. “I was able to make cash that night, so I just started doing it. I told my roommate and he was so supportive.”

Despite working in the industry for just a year, Kai is keen to expand her career further by producing her own content.

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