Child Is Pepper-Sprayed By Police And Has Milk Poured Over Her During George Floyd Protest

A child has been pepper-sprayed by police during a George Floyd protest in Seattle, Washington, and the horrific moment the young girl screams in agony has been caught on camera by demonstrators. 

Over the last week, protests and riots have taken place across the US in response to the death of an unarmed African-American man named George Floyd in Minneapolis.

For eight minutes and 46 seconds, a white police officer called Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck as he made desperate pleas for help as he cried “I can’t breathe”. He then passed out and later died.

In retaliation to his death, protests and riots have been taking place across the US. However, the latest video which has emerged is one of a distressing nature. A little girl is shown crying and screaming in pain, whilst people try their best to calm her down.

Allegedly, she was pepper-sprayed by cops and she is heard yelling “I can’t see” and onlookers rush to her side and try to ease her pain.

One protester sprays a bottle of something onto her face as the girl is in distress in an attempt to soothe her. Another then pulls out a carton of milk and pours it over her head.

Protesters then confronted police officers who were blocking the street as one person asked them if they were responsible. They then took note of their names.

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On Saturday, thousands of people across Seattle gathered downtown in the rain to protest. Mayor Jenny Durkan then announced a citywide 5 pm curfew after police had been pepper-spraying demonstrators. Reportedly, they had also been using tear gas and flashbangs.

To move people back when they got too close to the police line, officers were on bicycles attempting to push people back.

Following this, the mayor then declared it an emergency and ordered that weapons be banned.

Many dispersed following this issuing yet some stayed behind in defiance, consequently breaking curfew. They set fires, broke into retail stores and took items. Meanwhile, the police began to fire tear gas.

Instagram: @evanmichael

According to a statement released yesterday, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said that officers had arrested 27 people for various offences which included assault, arson, destruction and looting.

She then added that multiple officers and civilians had been injured in the process and stated that the priority of the police department was “protecting life and ending the destruction”.

She added: “The Seattle Police Department was prepared to facilitate the peaceful exercise of First Amendment rights.

“In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd we all are rightfully angry, sad, frustrated, and heartbroken.

“Due to the actions of some groups who wanted to take advantage of this situation – what started peacefully around Noon, became violent and destructive around 2:40 pm.”

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