Child’s Unicorn Birthday Cake Has Gone Viral Thanks To Its Phallic Horn

A child’s unicorn birthday cake has gone viral thanks to its extremely phallic horn and most amusingly of all, the birthday cake was served at a birthday party without comment. 

There have been plenty of trends that have come and gone but it seems the love for all things unicorn is not going to pass anytime soon, especially for children.

So for one kid’s birthday, the theme was ‘unicorns’ and as I’m sure you’ve guessed, the birthday cake was a pastel coloured unicorn with a horn on top. However, this kid’s cake will definitely be remembered for the wrong reason, as the horn conjures up some pretty phallic imagery!

Amused by the cake, a parent took to the Instagram page Awkward Family Photos and submitted a photo of the cake.

The submitted photo was captioned: “My wife and I went to a child’s birthday party. The theme was ‘unicorns’.”

Quickly, the post became viral and it has now gained over 28,000 likes due to the unicorn’s distinctive horn.

One person commented: “It’s all fun and games until someone sits on the cake.”

Whilst someone else asked: “What on earth did they use for a reference photo?”

Meanwhile, another simply said: “Nailed it.”

In other food-related news, Cadbury’s Dream bar has been relaunched in the UK and is available in B&M only for a limited time.

Also, a mum took to Facebook to share her unicorn ice cream recipe that went down a treat with her kids. It only requires five ingredients and actually tastes as amazing as it looks!

If you don’t have the time to make your own unicorn ice cream, then why don’t you check out M&S’s Percy Pig ice cream? With the unmistakable taste of raspberries and grapes, it has the distinctive soft chewy texture of marshmallows.

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