Chilling New Documentary Exploring Brooke Skylar Richardson Case Is Airing This Month

A chilling new documentary will be airing this month that explores the harrowing case of Brooke Skylar Richardson, the cheerleader from Ohio who gave birth to a baby in the bathroom of her family home in 2017. 

Having fallen pregnant out of wedlock, Brooke Skylar was terrified at what her parents would say and therefore, decided to keep the pregnancy a secret. The only person who was aware that the 18-year-old was pregnant was her gynaecologist, who had informed her she was with child in the first place.

The previous summer, the cheerleader had had a fling with a guy who was not her boyfriend.

Two months after giving birth to the baby in the upstairs bathroom of her home in Carlisle, she went back to her gynaecologist and requested that she be put on birth control, such as the contraceptive pill. Aware that she had already been pregnant, the young woman confessed to what she had done to the gynaecologist.

Richardson was then accused of killing her newborn child – who she had named Annabelle – by smashing the baby’s skull with a rock. Allegedly, she then buried the baby in her parent’s garden to cover up her secret, marking the spot with flowers.

Credit: Crime+Investigation

In September 2019, Richardson stood trial yet was cleared of aggravated murder, involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.

However, she was found guilty of gross abuse of a corpse and was then sentenced to seven days in jail for the charge. Then it was taken into account that she had already served the time.

Now 20-years-old, Richardson is facing three years of probation.

Credit: Crime+Investigation

On 21 July at 9 pm, Murder Masterminds: The State of Ohio v. Brooke Skylar Richardson will be airing on Crime+Investigation and will retell the disturbing case through a series of interviews from police officers, witnesses and footage that was captured at the time.

Viewers will get to watch as the case unravels in court through further footage, and will watch as prosecutors give evidence in Richardson’s case and testimonies will be heard by witnesses.

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