China Eastern Plane Crash May Have Been ‘Intentional,’ Alleges US Report

China Eastern Plane Crash: The China Eastern plane crash may have been 'intentional,' a US report has claimed.
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The China Eastern plane crash, which killed 132 people, may have been ‘intentional,’ a US report has alleged. 

According to The Wall Street Journal – which has reportedly cited sources familiar with the US officials’ preliminary assessment – flight data from the tragedy has suggested that someone in the cockpit propelled the Boeing 737-800 into a ‘near-vertical’ descent when it crashed in March.

Reportedly, the recovered black box has indicated that the cockpit’s controls led to the crash.

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A source reportedly told the newspaper: “The plane did what it was told to do by someone in the cockpit.”

They apparently went on to claim that Chinese authorities have yet to cite whether it was flight control or mechanical issues.

Allegedly, this possibility has led to US officials looking into the actions of a pilot. However, the source reportedly pointed out that it could have also been a person storming into the cockpit and causing the crash.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that despite these claims, US officials do not have access to all the information available, unlike their Chinese counterparts.

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Previously, it has been reported that an official for the China Eastern airline has claimed that the three pilots on board the plane were all in good health and qualified.

Separately, it told The Wall Street Journal that there has been no indication that any of the pilots were financially struggling.

In a statement, The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) reportedly said: “Any unofficial speculation may interfere with the accident investigation and affect the real progress of the global air transport industry.”

CAAC is believed to have added that it will ‘carry out the accident investigation in a scientific, rigorous and orderly manner’.

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