Radio Host Chris Evans Shares Skin Cancer Diagnosis Live On Air

Radio DJ Chris Evans has bravely opened up about his recent diagnosis of skin cancer live on air.
Credit: @chrisevanstfi/Instagram

Radio DJ Chris Evans has bravely opened up about his recent diagnosis of skin cancer live on air. 

With a career spanning back to the 1990s, Evans has been a prominent figure in the broadcasting realm, capturing the hearts of listeners across the nation.

His departure from his beloved Radio 2 show in 2018 marked an emotional farewell, but it was far from the end of his journey in the radio industry.

In the following year, Evans embarked on a new venture, joining forces with Virgin Radio.

Evans’ presence played a pivotal role in propelling Virgin Radio to the remarkable milestone of breaking the one-million-listener mark.

Despite this success, Evans has now shared news that goes beyond the radio waves.

At the age of 57, Evans disclosed his skin cancer diagnosis during his Virgin Radio show, imparting a crucial message about early detection.

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Speaking candidly to his listeners, he recounted how the discovery was made after his diligent masseur spotted a concerning mark on his shin, prompting him to seek medical attention.

He then revealed that the cancer had been caught at an early stage, setting the foundation for a hopeful recovery journey.

He added: “I’ve just got to talk briefly about my biopsy for the skin cancer issue.

“So the best news that I got whilst I was away is that it was a positive test, so I have tested positive for skin cancer.

“Obviously better news would have been [that it was] negative.

“But the reason it’s great news is because they’ve caught it as early as they can, as early as is possible.”

Chris Evans
Chris Evans also spoke candidly about his skin cancer diagnosis on TalkTV. Credit: TalkTV

This revelation comes almost a decade after Evans received a clean bill of health following a prostate cancer scare.

Evans shared that he had been diagnosed with melanoma, a type of skin cancer that he described as ‘stage zero’.

This poignant term encapsulates the hopeful prognosis that comes with early detection and intervention.

He further detailed his upcoming procedure, where the mark on his leg would be removed on September 14.

In Evans’ usual characteristically light-hearted manner, he joked about embracing running during his recovery period.

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Acknowledging the role of his masseur Dee, Evans expressed his gratitude for potentially saving his life.

He seized the opportunity to advise his listeners to be vigilant about their health, emphasising the importance of self-examinations, particularly as individuals get to an older age.

Evans’ ‘early detection’ resonates as a powerful reminder that taking a proactive stance in monitoring one’s health is a formidable defence against a range of medical conditions.

The devastating disclosure also drew attention to the critical role of sun protection in preventing skin cancers.

While fair-skinned individuals have a higher vulnerability due to reduced melanin levels, skin cancer can affect individuals of all skin tones.

Employing sunscreen and practising sun-safe behaviours remain essential preventive measures.

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