‘Top Gear’s’ Chris Harris Makes ‘Savage’ Dig At Co-Host Paddy McGuinness

Chris Harris Paddy McGuinness: The Top Gear host has made a 'savage' dig about his co-star.
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Top Gear’s Chris Harris has made a ‘savage’ dig at his co-host, Paddy McGuinness. 

The journalist opened up about the presenter when chatting to The Sun about visiting him outside of filming the show.

Harris said: “I count Paddy and Freddie as friends but I don’t want to go to their houses. If I’m driving up north, I don’t think I’ll pop in and see Paddy for a cup of tea. I’d rather kick a wall with my bare foot.”

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He then said that he rarely to speaks to either of them when they’re not recording, adding that there’s usually ‘a couple of weeks of decompression’ that ends with ‘a random offensive message from one of them’.

However, McGuiness told the outlet that he and Flintoff are friends outside of working on the programme.

Revealing why he likes to visit the presenter’s home, he said: “I took my kids around Freddie’s the other day because he’s got a swimming pool. It’s cheaper than the council baths for me. I can’t afford that level of luxury but luckily I have a friend who does. It was lovely.”

Flintoff isn’t the only star that McGuiness likes to keep in touch with.

Recently, he hinted that he’s reunited with Peter Kay for a potential Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere return.

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Speaking to The Sun, the comedian said he believes some of the material they have ‘already written’ together will ‘go down really well’ with fans.

McGuinness explained: “Peter did a live show a week or so back and he’s thrown it out there. But that’s what he does.

“He makes an appearance once every three or four years, says we’re going to do some Max and Paddy, then no one sees him again. And then every interview I do it’s like, ‘When’s it back?’.

“I’m texting him like, ‘Why have you done that again?’. But if you look at what we’ve already written, you think, ‘That will go down really well’.”

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